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Groove Detective is here!
The only search engine for Audio and MIDI drum/percussion loops
based on patterns and 'sounds like'

Find the loop when you need it

  • Input a pattern, hit Search, and get a list of all the loops in your collection that matches. Add ‘sounds like’ for more precision.
  • Audition the search results, find one you like and drag it into your DAW or paste the path where you need it.
  • No more fiddling around your loop folders: get it now!

Loop rhythm detection

  • Analysis 100% automated.
  • Maintains the database automatically.
  • Searches very large collections in milliseconds.
  • All commonly used file formats supported.
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July 30th, 2010

CPU Productions releases the first public version of Groove Detective, a studio tool that enables musicians and engineers to find loops that matches a particular groove from 10s of thousand of files.